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Get to know Pen...

Penelope Peralta aka 'Pen' is the creative brain of Peralta Studio. Pen takes cultural references from her nomadic lifestyle and her passion for the arts. She was raised in the islands of Hawaii and inspired by living in different parts of the USA - California and Minnesota - including south America.
Professionally, she has a background in graphic design and marketing, but she is a self-taught photographer and retoucher who thinks in terms of concept, aesthetics, and theory.
Pen incorporates her background into her work. Her style and creative energy are influenced by dance, street fashion, and fine arts. Also, she gives her time as a treasurer and designer to AMDA - an association promoting health, fitness, and well-being. 


Between freelancing, her two little ones Nakoa and Milana keep her up on her toes, as well as her dog Nalu.


They are my fuel and my inspiration and are always at my side.

So do not be surprised if you ever see her little ones sitting next to her while working on a session.


Over 10 years of experience, Pen remains true to her love of design while bringing her talent, professionalism & enthusiasm to every contract and collaboration. Pen strives to produce meaningful works while pushing her boundaries. If you have any questions, let's connect and develop a lasting experience.

Bonjour and Aloha!
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