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Delatour Sculptures

When creating a marketing/promotional brochure for an artist, sometimes you are pulled in so many directions because the artist doesn't really know what they want. The key is to take notes (a lot of them) to know what they want, how many bodies of work he/she are promoting, and their budget. 

Luckily, Laurence Delatour, a long-time competitor in horseback riding turned international translator and sculptor was a client - reoccurring to add - who needed specific images taken and get her art the most attention. 

The brochure is an informational vehicle, therefore whenever new sculptures were to be replaced, the artist's brochure could be changed easily. Her brochure can be as current as possible for galleries and art patrons. 

In the art world, it's better to be seen than be unseen. Maximize your promotional efforts by always being current. There's no excuse, go out there and be showcased!

•  Brochure

•  Photography + Retouch

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