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Lolo Prod

The moto world is not something I am not familiar with and when journalist & producer Laurent Cochet aka Lolo came to Peralta Studio to create an identity for him, I jumped the gun. A motorcycle enthusiast and who has worked for MOTO JOURNAL for over 20 years, he has always been driven to creating his own videos in a unique, fresh, and entertaining way.


Exploring his old mascot illustration, I redesigned it and pushed it to a different level while keeping its functionality. Also, Lolo has a wide array of international viewers and followers, therefore I continued his name as a brand. Even if you did not understand French, who doesn't like motorcycles? Give some love and see his amazing adventures and thrill rides around the world!

Laurent Cochet

Services as:

•  Logo

•  Art Direction + Identity
•  Branding

•  Translation

•  YouTube Header

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