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REVOL - Pâtissier Boulanger

Ever had a pâtissier boulanger makeover? No, you say? Well, let me tell you how it is done.


Take a company to the next level by implementing its story. Getting to really know the owners is part of the research and development. What colors speak to them, the look they are searching for, and what font to use? Finding the mood and the vibe. These are just some of the questions to ask. 

When creating a logo and brand with guidelines, hours on the drawing board are crucial. And when the clients are happy with the results, you can move forward.

And voila! After months of refining and photographing, you have a new logo and new brand. A whole new, splashy, vibrant purveyor of Pâtissier Boulanger bustling goodness!

Services as:​

•  Logo + Art Direction

•  Rebranding

•  Print

•  Photography + Retouch

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